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You must have heard the famous saying that heaven on earth is Kashmir and if you take an Azad Kashmir tour you will see its reality too. At every turn, you see a new paradise, a new landscape, and a new waterfall. For the most famous destinations in Azad Kashmir, you can do Neelum Valley Tour.

Neelum Valley is a beautiful land in Pakistan and it’s located in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and many tourists from Pakistan and abroad come to visit its beauty. If you are looking for a Neelum Valley tour package then you are welcome here. On our website, you will find various tour packages to Neelum valley.

Neelam Valley has many mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes. Neelum Valley is 4,000 meters beyond sea level.  The Neelum Valley has many sub-valleys. Neelum Valley is mainly approached from two points, one from Kaghan Valley and the other from Noori Top. It also has some other small passages that can be reached from there. These are the best prices for tour packages to Neelum Valley.

Kel Taobat is a green village in Neelum Valley at the confluence of Neelum River and Chhatri Nar. It is the last tourist spot of Azad Kashmir, at this point, the Kishenganga river becomes Neelum river. You need to hire a jeep from Kel to go to Taobat as the pass is jeep only. Kel to Taobat jeep drive is the real adventure in Neelum valley. On the way to Taobat there are a number of beautiful villages, waterfalls and fishing spots. The journey to Taobat is full of beautiful and scenic landscapes everywhere, so 39 km can take 5-7 hours to reach Taobat.

Trip to Kashmir from Karachi

This package is specially tailored for people from Karachi and Hyderabad. You will cover almost the entire Neelam Valley. Details about the Neelam Valley are given below and we will mention the places we will visit in our daily itinerary. Nerum Valley the stunning Neelum Valley is located in northern Gilgit-Baltistan and eastern Kashmir. It is located in Muzaffarabad in the northeast. Also known as the blue gem in Pakistan, it is one of the most attractive destinations in the northern region. Neelum Valley is exactly in the same line of Kaghan Valley. It is bow-shaped and about 150 kilometers long. The scenery you see here is even more majestic than in Swat and Chitral.

Trip to Kashmir from Karachi

Karachi to Neelum Valley Tour

During winter, most roads are blocked, making it one of the hard-to-reach areas. It gets prettier and more damaging as you go deeper into the city, but it also gets colder if you visit in winter. During peak summer, you’ll experience all the lows and highs of cool weather. Dhani is the highest waterfall in the Neelum Valley and a great place for young people to dive in the cold water. Adults can take in the beautiful views of the waterfall and enjoy dipping their feet in the fresh cold water.

Best Honeymoon Tour Packages for Neelum Valley:

Below are dozens of the best tour packages for Neelum Valley, with varying durations and package prices. With this package, you can travel to Neelum Valley and enjoy the beauty of Pakistan during your holiday. These Azad Kashmir best tour plans are offered by our experienced company, so they have different durations, services, and prices for travel packages.

EMS Events and Tours will provide you with some requirements such as tourist facilities, tour guides, quality food and beverages, hotel accommodation, transportation, etc. Just you need to get the package of your choice and be ready to travel to the beautiful Neelum Valley.

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