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World Tour Package from Pakistan


World Tour Package

International Tour with EMS

At EMS Events and Tours, we are focusing to encourage a consistent end-to-end experience. You are sure to be inspired to travel the world by EMS. You can choose your international holiday packages with interest such as a trip, family, or post-wedding holiday as these packages are for families, individual tourists, or couples.

International tourist destinations are being given priority for tourists in Pakistan. Vacation destinations in the United Kingdom, United States, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Europe, Dubai, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, Maldives & Singapore, Traveler to these places can find Mountain, hills, and expeditions. Our international trip packages cover the best travel destinations in the world. So plan your vacation abroad, and find this wonderful vacation option.

Most of our world tour packages include return flights, hotel vacation accommodation, food, excursions, and the guidance and expertise of our tour professionals. What’s more, our goal is to make your international vacation a lifetime memorable one at the most affordable prices.

World Tour Package

We provide you with carefully selected international holiday destinations to introduce you to the diversity of our beautiful planet. With our detailed international packages, you can enjoy a trip worthwhile. For those looking for a short international getaway, we also offer customizable vacation packages.

We offer international travel and tour packages with proper guidance at very reasonable prices. Even if you want an adventure, or you want to sail the sea, or you want to spend that wonderful evening in the desert with your loved ones. The moments you’ve longed for in your life are within easy reach and you don’t have to worry about any guidance from our travel experts to make your most wonderful and unforgettable experience. We offer tour packages from Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad to wherever you want to go. So let’s pack your bags and explore the world with EMS.

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Switzerland Honeymoon Package from Pakistan


Switzerland Honeymoon Package

Think Switzerland honeymoon package and breathtaking views of Alpine peaks and landscapes where towering mountain backdrops are the norm. Spend the first days of your married life in this rich and magical alpine country and you will experience natural beauty in every corner. Liberty Holidays can help you with your bespoke Switzerland honeymoon package so you can relax and get ready to breathe in the Swiss mountain air and enjoy the views.

Enhance the beauty of snow-capped mountains, crystal clear lakes, uninhabited towns, and magnificent cities. From Zurich, Switzerland’s commercial hub, to Lucerne’s ‘William Tail’ country, and to Zermatt, the home of one of the wonders of the Western world, Meter Horn, our Switzerland vacation packages will take you on a journey of heights of Valleys and mountains. Just let us know your vacation dates, your budget, your travel and accommodation preferences, and the rest of the work we will do to arrange a tour package from Pakistan to Switzerland that is designed just for you.

Switzerland Honeymoon Package by EMS

In this wonderful country of fresh clear air, emerald forests, snow-capped mountains, and sparkling lakes, outdoor adventures and activities are a must along with our Switzerland tourism packages.

Go with EMS events and tours and we assure you that you will have lots of unforgettable memories and a great holiday experience in Switzerland. It’s a journey full of romance if you are meeting couples otherwise it will be full of adventure with the family.

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EMS One Day Trip


one day trip

One Day Trip from Islamabad

As the capital and modern metropolis of Pakistan, Islamabad is one of the most visited cities in the country. It is the starting point for many Pakistani journeys, thanks to its large international airport and easy access to northern Pakistan’s attractions, and is frequently visited by business travelers. What all these groups of travelers have in common, however, is that they may not spend a lot of time in the city.

Islamabad has the second largest salt mine in the world, 200 kilometers from Islamabad. It’s not very close, but because of the Islamabad-Lahore highway; the route can be covered in at least by 2 hours.

Travel and tours in Islamabad by EMS start early in the morning, we will get from where you want to start exploring the city. First, we will visit the Faisal Mosque, the icon and the religious symbol of Islamabad. Faisal Mosque reflects modern Islamic architecture, and then we will move to Lok Virsa, the center of social work in the city. Sakarparyian is famous in Islamabad and offers panoramic views of Islamabad. Many tourists should visit the city, which can include many parks and forests as well as many other monuments and historical sites.

One Day Trip from Lahore

There is definitely no shortage of picnic spots and day trips near Lahore. In fact, the city is known as the ‘City of Gardens’ because of its greenery, some of which date back to the Mughal period. From magnificent forts and mosques built hundreds of years ago to outstanding libraries and monuments of national importance, Lahore has a lot to offer tourists hoping to learn more about the culture and heritage of this historic city.

Lahore’s location is close to a lot of beautiful places to enjoy all in one day! All you need to do is be on time and plan ahead. EMS has selected the best locations around Lahore so you don’t have to waste time researching and planning.

There are many interesting activities you can plan in Lahore. You will see some of the most famous places in all of Pakistan due to its cosmopolitan and historic nature. Get the most out of your trip with EMS expert guidance,  These are the top sights and activities to do during your day in Lahore, such as MM Alam Road, Minar-e-Pakistan, Badshahi Masjid, Lahore Zoo, Lahore Museum, Shalimar Gardens, and more.

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Northern Areas of Pakistan Tour Packages


Pakistan tour package

Northern Areas Tourism in Pakistan

Pakistan has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, making Pakistan very popular. It has many traditions, diverse cultures, beautiful mountains, and historical places. Many ancient historical sites are located in the tourist resorts of Pakistan. In addition, EMS is also offering Northern Pakistan Tour Packages, the most affordable vacation packages. We have the cheapest Pakistan tour packages from Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. We are the best travel agency and tour operator in the northern areas of Pakistan.

EMS tour packages are cheap and wrap up some uneven adventures while you have a lot of fun. Our Northern areas Pakistan Tour is very friendly and will ensure that you stay safe during your trip. Nothing can stop you from having a peaceful or adventurous vacation as we also have flight options for you that will fit your budget perfectly. Whatever your budget, so packs your bags, and let’s start travel with EMS events and tours.

Most Attractive Places in Northern Areas of Pakistan

Pakistan is known for being one of the most thrilling and amazing tourist destinations in the world. The most famous region for sightseeing in Pakistan is the enchanting northern areas of Pakistan, which offer countless places to see and experience the colors of nature.

  • Hunza Valley
  • Kashmir Taobat
  • Naran Valley
  • Kaghan Valley
  • Shogran Valley
  • Attabad Lake
  • Skardu Valley
  • Neelum Valley
  • Swat Valley
  • Saif ul Mulook Lake
  • Khunjerab Pass
  • Manthoka Waterfall
  • Passu Cones

Northern Areas of Pakistan Tour Packages by EMS

Northern Areas of Pakistan Tour Packages is the refreshment in summers, full of adventure, natural accommodation, culture, exploring places of travel, enjoys honeymoon vacation in North Pakistan. As a tourist, Pakistan tour packages for the northern regions of Pakistan are the perfect retreat to get lost in the natural skies for your vacation, honeymoon tour, corporate tour, and family tour with EMS, the most experienced travel agency and tour operator in Pakistan.

EMS Tour Packages

Kashmir Tour


Kashmir Neelum Valley Trip

You must have heard the famous saying that heaven on earth is Kashmir and if you take an Azad Kashmir tour you will see its reality too. At every turn, you see a new paradise, a new landscape, and a new waterfall. For the most famous destinations in Azad Kashmir, you can do Neelum Valley Tour.

Neelum Valley is a beautiful land in Pakistan and it’s located in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and many tourists from Pakistan and abroad come to visit its beauty. If you are looking for a Neelum Valley tour package then you are welcome here. On our website, you will find various tour packages to Neelum valley.

Neelam Valley has many mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes. Neelum Valley is 4,000 meters beyond sea level.  The Neelum Valley has many sub-valleys. Neelum Valley is mainly approached from two points, one from Kaghan Valley and the other from Noori Top. It also has some other small passages that can be reached from there. These are the best prices for tour packages to Neelum Valley.

Kel Taobat is a green village in Neelum Valley at the confluence of Neelum River and Chhatri Nar. It is the last tourist spot of Azad Kashmir, at this point, the Kishenganga river becomes Neelum river. You need to hire a jeep from Kel to go to Taobat as the pass is jeep only. Kel to Taobat jeep drive is the real adventure in Neelum valley. On the way to Taobat there are a number of beautiful villages, waterfalls and fishing spots. The journey to Taobat is full of beautiful and scenic landscapes everywhere, so 39 km can take 5-7 hours to reach Taobat.

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