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Murree is a beautiful place for a quick getaway with your family and friends. It is at an altitude of 7,500 feet. It is 60 km from Islamabad / Rawalpindi. It is ideal for home tourists who want to escape their daily routine or summer heat. They can enjoy green trees, cool breezes, gentle breezes, and cloudy mountain peaks. There are well-known places to visit such as Kashmir point, Mall road, Patriata, Ayubia, Murree hills, etc. Let’s share some of the amazing sites of Murree.

The 6 Best Attractions in MURREE

  1. Nathia Gali
  2. Mall Road
  3. Patriata
  4. Kashmir Point
  5. Changla Gali
  6. Bhurban
  7. Patriata Chair Lift

Murree is a historically famous tourist destination in Pakistan, known for its mild climate in summer and snowfall in winter. Murree is a hill station with the best infrastructure, good roads, hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants. Murree tour packages from EMS Events and Tours to explore the beauty and attractions of Murree and Galyat.

Affordable Murree Tour Packages

As summer travel begins, Murree Tours is the most popular these days. Murree, also known as the “Queen of the Mountains”, is located in the Galyat region and the Rawalpindi region of Pakistan’s Punjab state. Murree is 2291 meters above sea level, about 30 kilometers from the capital of Islamabad. Murree’s national highways and highway extensions make the journey from Islamabad to Murree smooth and comfortable. Murree Tours has always been cherished and delighted travelers within Pakistan and those visiting Pakistan.

EMS events and tours Murree tour packages will include everything you need to enjoy here, saving you from finding great hotels, haggling with transport drivers, and other issues that can take up most of your vacation time. That’s why you should check out Murree travel packages so that your holiday in Murree is ideal, enjoyable, and everything you want.

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