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We have many tour packages for North Pakistan. The Swat Valley will be fully open in early summer. Therefore, we have announced Swat Tour Travel Packages for your comfort. So we have public or group tour packages starting from May to June. Karachi Faisalabad Rawalpindi Multan Tourists from Islamabad can join this Swat Valley tourism package.

We provide complete end-to-end tour services in Swat Valley, Karam, and Malam Jabba in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Multan in Faisalabad. Our services for Swat Kalam Malam Jabba tours include hotel reservations, transportation services, sightseeing, guided tours, jeep tours, horse riding, and boating.


Also known as the Switzerland of Asia, Swat provides Seydu Sharif, Malam Jabba, Mindan, Bahrain, and Malghazar as core tourist destinations. The highest peak of the SWAT is Flaksair (20,528 feet), where Matilda can be seen. Swat is 250 km from Islamabad and the total drive via the motorway is 5 hours.


Karam is a valley located in the upper northern Swat Valley along the Swat River in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan, 99 km (62 mi) from Mingora. The area has become a popular tourist destination, known for its mountains, forests, and lakes. It is the born place of the Swat River, which is formed by the confluence of the two tributaries of the Gabral River and the Ushu River.

Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is Pakistan’s best destination, 314 kilometers from Islamabad and 51 kilometers from Saidu Sharif Airport. In addition to the Hindu Kush Mountain Range, it has been recognized as a major Swat Valley hill station. The road to MalamJabba is wonderfully built, and nature lovers will enjoy the ski slide and snow. It is regarded as a traditional destination for the development of the Pakistan tourism industry and offers all kinds of winter sports venues. Malam Jabba is a must-visit destination for Swat Tourism Packages.

Kumrat Valley

Kumrat valley is an undeveloped and unexplored valley of the Swat. It is set in a beautiful deodar forest and has a great ambiance in the surrounding areas and spectacular scenery around it. If you are really stressed or trying to escape from your busy lifestyle, visit Do Kala Badagoi Pass, Chashma lake, Jahaz band, Jandrai, Kalkot band, Katora lake, etc.

Swat Kalam Tour Packages

Visitors to this valley come from all over the world to see its mountains, green meadows, and lakes, which attract thousands of visitors each year. In addition to its natural beauty and lush green valleys, Pakistan is also known as Switzerland in the region. Trekking, hiking, and fun walks are just some of the things a traveler can enjoy in Swat Valley. EMS offers the best Swat Tour Packages as we are committed.

to making your trip unforgettable and comfortable. Many tour packages from Pakistan offer swat valley the most popular destination for family and friends.

We combined two or three destinations into one Swat tour package so that the tourist can explore multiple destinations in one trip. These tours can be fully customized to your needs just call or email us at our official address. Swat Tour Packages are sale travel plans among Pakistan Tour Packages.


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